Participant List – 2023 Ski to Sea

Canoe 2 Leg Sponsor
Team Name Name Division Gender
21528 Greatest American Heroes Carter Kiesau Masters Male
19766 Aspect's Aquafellas Aaron Fitts Recreational Open Male
26685 We wish Kyle was faster Abby Harris Competitive Open Female
24060 AbBee’s Hive Abby Lee Recreational Women Female
22018 Bassetti Bolts Abi Comeau Recreational Mixed Female
19688 DRIVEN ATHLETICS - green Adam Cleveland Whatcom County Mixed Male
24744 The 'Meh' Team Adam Nicholls Recreational Mixed Male
24690 Ping Pong Club Adam Resnick Recreational Open Male
20828 Well Hung Over Adam Sinclair Recreational Open Male
21497 The Magic Cool Bus Aidan Cowles Recreational Open Male
28526 West Monroe Alex McAuliffe Corporate Male
28073 Janicki Sleeping Vipers Alex Spencer Corporate Male
27879 Rack Pack Ali Steffan Recreational Women Female
24086 Road to Humility Alisa Royem Recreational Mixed Female
21467 Chafing the Dream Allie Holterman Recreational Mixed Female
21122 Few Fighters Allie Noland Recreational Open Female
19725 Aging Disgracefully Allison Neils-LeMoine Whatcom County Mixed Female
24776 PeaceHealth Cancer Center Tumornators Allison Shahan Corporate Female
21700 Tutu Fast For You! Alyssa Morris Whatcom County Women Female
24661 Lost in Pace Alyssa Tsukada Whatcom County Mixed Female
27217 Mediocre at Best Amanda Schembri Recreational Mixed Female
27969 Not Sponsored Amber Powers Recreational Mixed Female
22184 Surfrider Mavericks Amber Zipperer Car-Free Female
22138 Mt. Baker Ravens Amy Trowbridge Veterans Female
27680 Senior Citizens Analise DuMontier High School Female
19700 Then We Go Back Up Anand Selvam Recreational Open Male
21462 The Girly MotorTrucks Andrew Eelnurme Recreational Mixed Male
24645 Dissension Redemption Andrew Grabowski Recreational Open Male
24717 Sea Pines Physical Therapy Andrew Holloway Corporate Male
21727 Wanna pizza us? Andrew Kilness Recreational Open Male
24575 Boss Hogs Andrew Scoffone Recreational Open Male
19722 Moose on the Loose Andrew Tomes Recreational Open Male
19644 Scrambled Legs Andrew Wei Recreational Mixed Male
24772 Ludicrous Speed Angelina Sloat Recreational Open Female
19649 Indoor friends 1 Annie Straneva Recreational Open Female
29023 Team #GirlSlay Annika Riemann High School Female
22127 Total Stangers of Olympus Anthony Perre Recreational Open Male
25498 Fighting Snails of Snowline Anthony van Gemert Recreational Open Male
26671 The Baywatchers Ashley Buerger Recreational Mixed Female
27375 PeaceHealth Pathfinders Ashley Castle Whatcom County Women Female
22000 Cold Cuts and Mayo Ashley Zopolos Whatcom County Open Female
22540 Ski to She/They/He's Austen Macalus Recreational Open Male
25192 Uncontrolled Descent Austin Kohonen Recreational Open Male
25377 The Mountain Goats Avery Heuser Recreational Open Male
24079 SHEroes Barb Willson Competitive Women Female
19650 Not Fast Just Furious Ben Lowy Recreational Open Male
25178 Bellingham Firefighters - Corporate Team Ben Williamson Corporate Male
24736 Sinclair and Moore Benjamin Van Veen Recreational Open Male
24731 Sardines Bettina Ernst Recreational Mixed Female
21304 Disco Wolves 2023 Bill Kessler Recreational Open Male
21464 Whatcom family medicine Bill Auchterlonie Whatcom County Mixed Male
21681 Pat's Dr Pepper team BJ Pratum Whatcom County Open Female
21469 The Fast Lanes Blake Harmon Recreational Open Male
22596 Green Eggs and Bellingham Bob Aiken Veterans Male
19894 Tiger-Pearson Construction Bob Milam Recreational Open Male
19748 Exxel Pacific Bob Millard Corporate Male
25808 Kulshan Brewing Co. Brad Clements Masters Male
19637 In Search of the Lost Chord Brad Mitchell Recreational Open Male
24707 Used To Be Sponsored Brady Lester Recreational Open Male
21487 KIRO-7 TV Brandon Guidry Corporate Male
21875 The Team Formally Known As Darwin's Bulldogs Brandon McWilliams Recreational Mixed Non-Binary
20513 Live Free and Send It Brandon Montemuro Recreational Mixed Male
28644 The AIROW project Brandy Anderson Recreational Mixed Female
27883 Screaming Sheagles Bre Huckabone Recreational Women Female
24732 Glitter Goblins Breanna Roos Competitive Women Female
24670 Team Habitat Brendan Riley Lersch Recreational Open Male
26742 West Coast Kook Show Brennan Menninger Recreational Open Male
24438 Indefatigable Brett Bauer Family Male
25134 Killer Bees Bria Vicenti Recreational Women Female
25131 Fit(ish) Over 40 Brian Atkins Masters Male
19862 NWIC Hooligans Brian Flannelly Recreational Open Male
21585 The Buff Gandalfs Brian Magelssen Recreational Open Male
26515 Bunguses Brianna Brown Recreational Open Female
25705 John Deere's Power Plows Brielle Lonsberry Recreational Open Female
19654 Hose Draggers and Sandbaggers Brien Gronemyer Corporate Male
27447 Dirty Thirty Brita Chavez Recreational Mixed Female
24750 Tickle Fight Bryson Allison Recreational Open Male
25666 The Family Circus Byron Andress Family Male
24133 NorthStar WoodWorks Caleb Conaway Recreational Open Male
23956 Glutes Like These Don’t Grow on Trees Carson Kilburn Recreational Mixed Male
26168 Stinging Nettles Casey Whitmer Competitive Open Male
21921 Ready to Rumble Cassia Wagner Recreational Mixed Female
24740 Stink Squad Cedar Elkheart Car-Free Male
22264 Starfish and Coffee Celeste Gonda Recreational Open Female
28279 Where's Marv? Cevan Schmitt Masters Male
19577 The Tall, the Short, and the Ugly Charles Drury Competitive Open Male
27678 Ski to C Minus Charles Patterson Recreational Open Male
24769 Deliver Strong Cherise Lao Recreational Mixed Female
22359 Don't Stop Us Now Choyu Brandon Recreational Open Male
19808 The Artists Formerly known as SHELL..And Scott Mayhew Chris Collins Recreational Open Male
24502 Associated Earth Sciences Inc. Chris Allen Corporate Male
21112 Peoples Bank Chris Cupp Veterans Male
19673 Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group Chris Hasse Recreational Mixed Male
21812 VECA Electric Chris Lapointe Corporate Male
25290 Mostly Old Friends of Mambo Italiano Chris Moench Car-Free Male
21009 Lynden Door Chris Spoelstra Corporate Male
27215 Abbotsford Fire Fighters Association Chris Wiebe Corporate Male
19709 Pitter Patter CK McKenzie Competitive Open Male
21376 Undetermined but undaunted Claire Dougherty Competitive Mixed Female
26048 Half-Bakered Clare DePew Recreational Open Female
21635 The Buttercream Gang Clayton Inman Recreational Open Male
25633 Puget Sound Energy Connor Birkeland Corporate Male
29367 Hell Bent for Medals Connor Glenn Recreational Open Male
19697 Crusty Devils Chaos Punch Man Child Charm Conrad Malmo Recreational Mixed Male
27392 Revolt Against Maturity Dan Cantrell Whatcom County Open Male
20590 TC Legend Homes Dan Cleghorn Corporate Male
24843 Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Dan Heckendorf Recreational Open Male
28027 DRIVEN ATHLETICS - yellow Dan Reznicek Competitive Open Male
19775 Dire Straits of Juan de Fuca Daniel Frederick Recreational Mixed Male
22334 People at Work Daniel Osterhage Recreational Open Male
27097 Metabolize to Freedom Daniel Waller Recreational Open Male
22119 North Coast Credit Union Danielle Burnett Competitive Mixed Female
25537 The Fast and The Delirious Danielle Janny Recreational Mixed Female
25978 Look look look! Darcie LeMieux Recreational Mixed Female
24714 The Ratty Batty Raddy Baddie Daddies Daria Mićović Recreational Mixed Female
21769 My Dog Dario DiGiulio Car-Free Male
24694 Darwin's Bulldogs Darrel Sofield Masters Male
20958 More Steez Less Cheese Dave Mazur Recreational Open Male
28207 Eat My Jorts David Hughes Recreational Open Male
24128 PB&J’s David Pate Family Male
28643 Faithlife Deb Manion Recreational Open Female
21913 The Bugs Delaney strizich Recreational Open Female
22149 Tips Up Doug Beach Recreational Open Male
25693 Mustache Ride 3 - Tokyo Sniff Drew Pollock Recreational Open Male
25322 Sweet As Waffles Dustin Watson Recreational Open Male
20792 All Gas, No Brakes Ed Lane Recreational Open Male
21540 Two Cubed To Finish Edoh Amiran Veterans Male
24650 Chelseas FC Elena Topchiy Recreational Mixed Female
21401 Otter Control Elise Tanimoto Recreational Mixed Female
19712 Downward Dogs Elliot Burch Recreational Open Male
24379 Jetsam Elliot Smith Recreational Open Male
19812 8 Musketeers Elliot Windrope Recreational Open Male
19651 Going for Broke, Sponsor Wanted Elsie Hazlett Competitive Open Female
19642 Oar-a-Gone Emily Comfort Recreational Mixed Female
24345 Zero Dim Sum Game Emma Howey Recreational Mixed Female
21893 Tortoises & Hares (Green) Emma Nestvold Recreational Open Female
19711 Here for More Beer Emma Thompson Recreational Mixed Female
24693 Galaxies Emma Wright Recreational Women Female
19828 Chris in Shorts Emrys Charrier Recreational Mixed Male
19918 Boomer's Drive-In Eric Gerstl Competitive Open Male
19677 Seek2Suffer Eric Henrichsen Recreational Open Male
22266 Geoducks and Tea Eric Vavra Recreational Open Male
28474 The Super Friends Erica Levine Recreational Mixed Female
21588 PNW Bumpkins Erica Reed Recreational Open Female
21876 Loud Water Erica Tronstad Whatcom County Mixed Female
21468 Giggle Juice Erick Winger Recreational Open Male
25227 MMBYMBMFYF Erik Byargeon Recreational Open Male
24992 Slow Motion to the Ocean Erika Hiddinga Recreational Mixed Female
21398 Lucy in the Sky With Shin Splints Erika Kay Recreational Mixed Non-Binary
21619 Kumaquats Ethan Metzger Recreational Open Male
27971 Late Bloomers Faith Haney Recreational Open Female
22523 Britney & JT 4ever Finn Tobias Recreational Mixed Male
25036 best skiers on the mountain Fischer Brunzell Recreational Mixed Male
20893 GR Select Frank Gaul Recreational Open Male
27637 The Underdogs Gabrielle Fernandopulle Recreational Open Female
24722 We’ll Be Fine Garrett Hoppe Competitive Mixed Male
24362 Inn at Lynden Geoff Stodola Whatcom County Open Male
22251 BIRCH EQUIPMENT Glenn Bond Competitive Open Male
26293 Bozeman Baes Grace Slater Recreational Women Female
24768 Boomshakalaka Grady Wagner Competitive Open Male
23997 Fruit Ninjas Grant Duffy Recreational Open Male
27997 Not Fast, Just Furious Grant Peltier Recreational Open Male
27667 Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly Greg Fischer Recreational Open Male
22196 Placeholder Greg Hensrude Recreational Open Male
25709 Cirque du Sore Legs Greg Stevens Recreational Open Male
21715 Zyn It To Win It Griffin Boyle Recreational Open Male
28606 K-Sky Country Girls Griffin Korby Recreational Mixed Male
21276 Past performance is no guarantee Gus Grefthen Corporate Male
21091 Pflueger Inc Gus Pflueger Recreational Open Male
24309 Steezy Slaydies Hana Bradbury Recreational Women Female
24461 Red Hot Chicky Peppers Hannah Drake Whatcom County Women Female
19675 NILFS Hannah Goodson Recreational Women Female
24681 Legs Misérables Hannah Hein Recreational Women Female
19910 Dski2C Hannah Mankle Recreational Mixed Female
24306 Uphill Athletes Go Downhill Hannah Rudin Recreational Mixed Female
22043 Crank my Shaft Hannah Schnelz Competitive Women Female
22088 Jimmi Sendrix Experience Harrison Andina Recreational Open Male
21828 Dawson Construction Heath Sowers Competitive Open Male
24720 Fresh off the Couch Heather Jackson Recreational Open Female
28030 DRIVEN ATHLETICS - red Heather Geurkink Recreational Mixed Female
28025 DRIVEN ATHLETICS - pink Heather Honey Competitive Women Female
22338 Dreamboats Helen Mountjoy-Venning Recreational Mixed Female
25167 Evil Bike Company Henry TePaske Competitive Open Male
21447 HAM Ian Berry-Paulsen Recreational Mixed Male
25832 The Epicureans Ian Rice Veterans Male
25847 This Is The Wave Ian Shopland Recreational Open Male
20825 Delicate Flowers Isaac Leitz Competitive Mixed Male
26313 Helion Energy Fusioneers Isabel Bardsley-Garcia Corporate Female
27998 Yeager's Sporting Goods Isaiah Grambo Recreational Open Male
22066 Zeek's Wild Combo Jackie Caplan-Auerbach Competitive Mixed Female
26628 Caps for Sale Jackson Wright Recreational Mixed Male
19911 Mermaid Revolution Jacob Aufderheide Recreational Open Male
24666 It's My First Day Jacob Gillis Corporate Male
24964 The Dingleberry Fairies Jacob Peterson Recreational Open Male
24739 Beanie And The Jets Jade Boyer Recreational Open Female
22526 Dan Ling Wang Foundation JAKE BROG Competitive Open Male
22090 Everett Firefighters Association Jake Ferro Corporate Male
24439 Safety Third Jake Hoppis Family Male
25130 Family Comes First Jake Locker Recreational Open Male
26826 Downhill Degenerates Jake Nealon Recreational Open Male
27911 Tyler's Placeholder Team James Lee Recreational Mixed Male
21465 Moooove Over James Suit Corporate Male
24125 Washed-Up Athletes Jamison Weeks Recreational Mixed Male
25880 400+ Years of AWESOME!!! Jane Compson Masters Female
19638 ORCA Team Jason Corbridge Corporate Male
25353 Chafin Dreams Jason Monda Competitive Open Male
24713 VANDAMMAGE Jay Ostby Competitive Open Male
22039 Apex Fitness Jeannette Butcher Whatcom County Mixed Female
24070 ZenToes Jeff Laube Family Male
27936 Dirty Gerty and the Flirty Birdies Jeff Walton Recreational Mixed Male
21302 The Locker Room Ladies Jen Dickson Recreational Women Female
21455 Not fast, just furious Jennifer Torres Recreational Women Female
24618 Bham & Cheese Sandwiches Jennifer Crane Recreational Open Female
21238 Uncle Marv and the Gal Pals Jennifer Higgins Competitive Mixed Female
22180 Big Rippers Jess Harms Recreational Women Female
21954 THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US Jesse DePriest Recreational Open Male
19728 Placeholder for Team Name Jesse Miles Competitive Open Male
28651 Just Smile and Wave Jessie Perez Recreational Open Female
27074 Feeling Froggy? Jill Joiner Recreational Mixed Female
24591 Here to slay Jillian McMahon Recreational Mixed Female
19919 Boomer's Drive-In Legends Jim Bauer Veterans Male
24704 Government Shutdown Jim Chu Recreational Open Male
21618 Oldies But New-Bees Jim Lawerance Veterans Male
26291 Sea Another DAYEEE Joaquin Hogg Competitive Open Male
24492 Goat Appreciation Society Joe Duval Recreational Mixed Male
27031 Zags got Dudes Joe Curran Recreational Open Male
24705 The Spirit of Bigfoot Joe FRADLEY Recreational Mixed Male
21168 Punch List Joe Miller Corporate Male
21461 The Unorthodocs Joel Hoekema Competitive Open Male
24310 Desolation Angels John Horner Recreational Open Male
28648 I guess we're doing this... John Moug Competitive Open Male
22557 Leisure Sportsmen John White Recreational Open Male
21721 Breakfast Beers John Zender Recreational Open Male
19876 Rain Shadow Consulting Jon Stoller Corporate Male
28070 Gone To Plaid Jonathan Cummings Recreational Open Male
25643 Samson Rope Technologies Jonathan Downs Corporate Male
27978 Here for the Free T-Shirt Jonathan Knuth Recreational Mixed Male
28633 Diablo Jonathan Young Recreational Open Male
22014 Fred's Force Jordan Leppert Recreational Open Male
26397 Bellingham Athletic Club Jordan Emery Recreational Open Male
21119 Jacksons speak louder than words Joren Jackson Family Male
19908 Em's Birthday Entourage Joseph Andrews Recreational Open Male
22007 Whidbey SAR Joseph Rakowski Recreational Open Male
28028 DRIVEN ATHLETICS - blue Josh Christensen Competitive Open Male
22556 HPC Racing Josh Fox Masters Male
24716 Josh's Hammer Josh Johnsen Recreational Open Male
25194 Boats, Bikes, Battlestar Galactica Josiah Knebel Recreational Open Male
24619 Babe Train Josie LaCoe Competitive Women Female
26500 Peaks and Professors Jovanna Talarico Recreational Mixed Female
21562 7 Ferns and a Wildflower Julie Seldal Recreational Open Female
27576 Salt Water Crocodiles Justin Campbell Recreational Open Male
22310 TulipTeers Justin Huerter Recreational Open Male
24171 In It to Finish! Justin Sikkema Recreational Mixed Male
26374 Lactated Ringers Kaitlin Huennekens Recreational Mixed Female
21884 I Believe Karen-Margrethe Bruun Recreational Open Female
21589 Ocean's 8 Kari Wright Competitive Women Female
24695 SwanWebb CEO Kat Webb Whatcom County Open Female
24637 The Gubernaculums Katherine Slack Recreational Mixed Female
20927 Emergency Respone Team Kathleen Hall Recreational Women Female
21758 9th leg Katie Martin Recreational Mixed Female
21477 Naked Knucks Katie Metzger Family Female
21316 WEST-What?! Katie Warner Recreational Mixed Female
24428 FrinGe Racing Kellen Wiggins Recreational Open Male
19631 The Framily Kelsey Adare Recreational Open Female
24384 Here for a good time not a fast time Kendra Moore Recreational Mixed Female
24950 Wild Rapids Ketan Patel Corporate Male
27866 Crash Cart Dummies Kevin Steel Corporate Male
20839 BNP Realtors Kimberly Reeves Whatcom County Women Female
19781 The AquaSox Kirby Wetherbee Recreational Open Male
21327 Chris in Shorter Shorts Kjell Peterson Recreational Mixed Male
19645 Man I Love Frogs Klayton Brown Competitive Open Male
24630 Climb and Punishment Kristin Garlatz Whatcom County Open Female
27137 Capstone Kristina Salazar Corporate Female
26308 Bellingham Mountain Rescue Kurt Parrish Competitive Open Male
22206 I'm Givin' It All She's Got, Captain! Kyle Kelln Competitive Open Male
23953 Ski to Tee Kyle Lashbrook Competitive Open Male
27462 Lucid Consulting Kylie Riemann Competitive Open Female
28048 COMPASS REAL ESTATE Lance Romo Competitive Open Male
26282 The Baker Buddies Lannon Gustafson Recreational Mixed Female
19847 FasterBakers Larry Braul Competitive Open Male
24420 La V en Rows Larry Womack Recreational Open Male
27582 Scheme to Seize (the Day) Laura Munoz Recreational Women Female
22183 Surfrider Sea Sirens Laurel Kaminski Car-Free Female
21576 The Real Housewives of Whatcom County Leanne Stanley Competitive Women Female
19636 The Maury the Merrier Lennon Bronsema Recreational Open Male
27003 Four Continents Squad Lia Klein Competitive Open Female
25459 Purple Hat Cheetah Shrimp Lindsay Bellarks Recreational Mixed Female
19735 The Dingos Linzy Gaston Recreational Mixed Female
24469 Sibling Symposium Lisa Erdle Family Female
21243 Barkley Village People Lise Oberth Veterans Female
24788 Sunrise Living Liz Ferrill Family Female
24475 The Rack Pack Liza Townsend Car-Free Female
28076 Janicki WINVAR Logan Nesbitt Corporate Male
24389 Cheese Raiders of Doom Lucas Hansen High School Male
24715 Ravenna Racers Lucas Weeks Recreational Open Male
28435 Janicki Zebras Lukas Henning Corporate Male
24639 Whales Outta Water Lukas Jarron Recreational Open Male
24673 Fire in the Hole Lydia Bower Recreational Mixed Female
24741 Capitalism’s Wet Dream Maddie Gordon Competitive Women Female
27633 Coastal Insurance Makenna Pittman Whatcom County Mixed Female
19723 Team Rainshadow Mallory Maloney Recreational Mixed Male
24662 Nooksackulous Marc Schwartz Competitive Open Male
28353 Shuksan Blubes marcus mendoza Recreational Mixed Male
22224 Methow girlies <3 Mariah Lucy Competitive Women Female
24561 Trash Cats Marisa Chang Recreational Women Female
26692 Let's Get Physical Mark Fairhart Recreational Mixed Male
27752 Seeking Health Hummingbirds Mark Hatton Corporate Male
21298 Bellingham Firefighters - Whatcom Open Team Mark Chamberlain Whatcom County Open Male
27248 We Got This. Mark Grubb Recreational Mixed Male
24611 The Ringa Dingas Martin Bochenek Recreational Open Male
27107 Resuscitators Mary Mureau Competitive Women Female
19890 Tumwater Shadies 30th S2S Mary Rabourn Recreational Open Female
20862 Bellingham Broken Heart Repair Service Matt Strome Corporate Male
21848 Skee-Ball Matt Donahue Recreational Open Male
21519 Sasquatch Reading Champs ‘05–’07, ‘09–’10 Matt Lee Recreational Open Male
23978 Ron Swanson Matt Lybarger Recreational Mixed Male
19846 MaskerBakers Matthew Sissel Recreational Open Male
28694 The Shipmate Eight Matthew Sperr Recreational Open Male
21266 Orthocillin Max Thurmond Recreational Open Male
27638 Slog Dogs Maxwell Miller Recreational Open Male
19674 Hypegirls Meadow Didier Whatcom County Women Female
19936 Are We There Yet? Megan Burgmuller Recreational Mixed Female
21914 BrewSKI to BarSEAt Megan Freel Recreational Mixed Female
27918 Ski to Sleepers Megan Russell Recreational Mixed Female
27927 All Hat No Cattle micah robin Recreational Open Male
26136 Chuckanut Bay Distillery Michael Baker Masters Male
24088 Risky Biscuits Michael Diego Recreational Mixed Male
21191 Donuts Michael Freedman Recreational Open Male
21463 BEAVERS TREE SERVICE Michael Lee Whatcom County Open Male
21825 Donut Dashers Michael Quiroz Recreational Open Male
24192 RAM Construction Michael Scheffer Recreational Open Male
24580 Powder Rangers Michael Schweitzer Recreational Mixed Male
24859 Slow but Stoked! Michelle Pavlik Recreational Open Female
19886 The Locust Rundgrave Band Ski to Sea Race Team Mike Bakke Competitive Open Male
25522 Sub8 Mike Wallace Competitive Open Male
20907 Olympia Ultimate Adventurers Minden Buswell Recreational Mixed Female
22024 Nurse Adventure Club Mo VanDerPuy Recreational Mixed Non-Binary
27635 The Spiders from Mars Mohneel Parakh Competitive Open Male
28725 JZ OutDoors Molly Crowe Recreational Open Female
21493 Ski to Sea Sissies Morgan Fox Competitive Women Female
19793 GRUBS PAIN PARADE Morgan Shank Veterans Female
27770 DONKEY LODGE Naomi Rothenberg Recreational Mixed Female
27426 Kulshan Wheyfinders Naomi Stelling High School Female
21599 Master Minds Nathan Allen Recreational Open Male
24318 Spokane Firefighters Nathan Powell Recreational Open Male
24719 Mayhem McFreeman Nathanael Freeman Recreational Open Male
24778 The Ski.E.Os Neil Postier Recreational Open Male
22394 Pavlov’s Dawgs Nicholas Plaut Competitive Open Male
27539 Lynden Door - Solid 2 The Core Nicholas Wurdeman Corporate Male
22005 Husky-Tri Nick Gjording Recreational Mixed Male
26007 Team Fun Nick Smith Recreational Open Male
19897 Meat Missiles Nick Vukmer Competitive Open Male
25977 Pah! Nicolas Yopp Recreational Mixed Male
21166 Oly cow Noa Niles High School Male
21659 Water We Doing Noah Gannon Recreational Mixed Male
19871 Team Oregon Noah Johnson-Greenough Competitive Open Male
20670 👺 Mind Goblin👺 Noah Slocum Recreational Open Male
21806 Fee-Skis to Fee-Seas the Walrus Nolan Conway Recreational Open Male
24213 MAINE-iacs Oliver Hirn Recreational Mixed Male
21443 Pocket Snacks Paolo Manalo Recreational Mixed Male
27977 Ski to Steez Parker Olson Recreational Open Male
24357 Heavy Bike Club Patrick Casey Car-Free Non-Binary
19660 The Humongous Wombats Patrick Hansen Recreational Open Male
26453 2 plus 2=cuckoo Patrick Harber Whatcom County Open Male
19873 Backwoods Bonemen Patrick Overbey Recreational Open Male
21934 F3 North Washington Paul Zacherl Competitive Open Male
27580 Team Mambo Paul Bickel Recreational Open Male
27077 Enginerds + yukas & ankle Paul Freihoefer Recreational Open Male
21074 Alaska All-Stars! Paul Owens Recreational Mixed Male
25809 Adventure Team Paul Veenendaal Recreational Open Male
22126 Lizard Wizards Paul Winger Recreational Open Male
21718 WeWa EWa Paulina Thurmann Recreational Open Female
24038 ski till we pee Petal Peloquin High School Non-Binary
21129 PPNW Pete Gossens Competitive Open Male
21505 The Purple Cobras Peter Dolan Recreational Open Male
27000 City Haul Peter Gill Whatcom County Open Male
22391 Hard Core Physio Peter Scherrer Whatcom County Mixed Male
29404 The Whole Enchilada Ralph Riley Masters Male
25835 NON SIBI SED ALIIS Rebecca Mertzig Recreational Open Female
24672 Beastie Belles Regan Levinson Recreational Women Female
21208 Team Jake Reilly Kintzele Competitive Open Male
25045 Type 3 Fun Ren Dey Recreational Open Male
24523 Huge Whales Rena Kingery Recreational Open Female
19617 Bank of the Pacific Rich Roehner Veterans Male
25416 Tortoises & Hares (Blue) Richard Saunders Recreational Open Male
24517 FUOC (Fern Union Outdoor Center) Rin Yow Recreational Mixed Female
27820 Going For Gold! Rob Basanta Recreational Open Male
19889 MONKEYWRENCH GANG Rob McCormack Masters Male
28709 Friends in the Making Robert Meagher Recreational Open Male
26446 Stellan and the CATS Roberto Pardo Recreational Open Male
21436 Bad Rads II Rodrigo Lobos Recreational Open Male
19888 The Lactic Kool-Aid Acid Test Rose Pisacano Recreational Mixed Female
27490 Late for dinner Ross Alexander Recreational Open Male
19905 Sisyphus Boulders Roya Conocchioli Recreational Mixed Female
25233 Michelle's Vacuum Storage Ryan Hagen Recreational Mixed Male
21426 Filthy Casual Ryan Corley Competitive Open Male
24464 The Active Tumbleweeds Ryan Doty Recreational Mixed Male
27850 Team Fly and Die Ryan Grady Competitive Mixed Male
24077 Coast Busters Ryan Johnson Recreational Mixed Male
27176 Psyched Ryan Knight Recreational Mixed Male
21904 The Kids Aren’t Alright Ryan Lee High School Male
19845 Alpha Dogs Ryan Schultheis Corporate Male
19788 The Boys, LLC Ryan Voves Competitive Open Male
24712 The Other Western Sachi Kaneko Recreational Mixed Female
25166 Bahnerg Buckinski Sam Schroeder Competitive Mixed Male
26362 Temple Run Samantha Olsen Recreational Open Female
22047 We TRI, We ROCK Santiago Bernal Recreational Open Male
24480 Sea Squirtz Sara Welsh Recreational Mixed Female
24581 The Carter Johnson Memorial Fun Run Race for the Cure Sarah Evered Recreational Mixed Female
24530 Flying Crocs Sarah O'Sell Recreational Mixed Female
27185 BFD Women Sarah Pernick Competitive Women Female
23944 The Laura Derns Sarah Schab Recreational Women Female
25202 Oyster Cloister Sarah Springer Recreational Mixed Female
24052 Millig Design Build Scott Carlson Corporate Male
27573 Vendovi Scott Decker Competitive Open Male
19641 Powered by Fudge Scott Johnson Family Male
19689 Birkland Scott Oordt Recreational Open Male
21440 McSpeedsters Sean Blouin Recreational Mixed Male
23996 LOTR Gnar to the Bar Sean Daley Recreational Mixed Male
22046 Mount Baker Experience Sebastian Smith Corporate Male
19749 Exxel Pacific Too Seth Harjala Corporate Male
26909 The canoe is HOW long?! Shane Christian Competitive Open Male
19745 Good Vibes Only Shane McCabe Recreational Open Male
26854 Zombie Llamas Shannon Dickson Recreational Open Female
21967 Slayyyy! Sierra Barnicle Competitive Women Female
27732 Earth + Water Silas Sleeper Recreational Open Male
26382 Birthday Suits Siobhan Fox Recreational Mixed Female
23986 Sea You on the Other Side Sophia Basil Recreational Mixed Female
26200 Canoe-dlers and Co. Sophie Hummer Recreational Open Female
27566 Natural Zesty Enterprise Soroush Maleki Recreational Open Male
24253 Aqui Esta Tile Stephanie Buecheler Recreational Open Female
20747 Eye See You Stephen Recreational Open Male
24773 Ridiculous Speed Steve Degracia Competitive Open Male
20912 Performance, A Study in Relativity Sunny Hwang-Oras Competitive Mixed Female
24957 Fred Meyer Susannah Sharp Recreational Open Female
21929 The Conroy’s Suzanne Conroy Family Female
21679 Don't Let Me Downhill Sydney Yang Recreational Mixed Female
19658 Timber Paws Tanya Zarling Recreational Open Female
19856 General Dudes Taylor Coston Recreational Open Male
26910 Team Hearthfire Taylor Fuik Recreational Open Male
24585 Shawn's Delicate Experiments Teo Stamboliev Recreational Open Male
23982 Suhgahtuh Tessa Carson Recreational Mixed Female
19904 The Honey Bucket Tessa Hall Recreational Mixed Female
21957 NW Chum Thomas Scott Recreational Open Male
21459 Boomers Bush Service Tim Schermetzler Whatcom County Open Male
24607 Overcome By Events Timothy Kuhn Recreational Open Male
28071 Janicki - Now Hiring TJ Chace Corporate Male
27629 Plate & Pint Pub Tom Burgess Veterans Male
24031 Gumby All Stars Tom Hutch Recreational Mixed Male
26116 Sam's Clams Tor Weiland Recreational Mixed Male
21795 GeoHazards Tracy Trople Masters Female
21456 Dad Bods Travis Johnson Recreational Open Male
24378 Flotsam Tristan Smith Recreational Open Male
24615 The Red Baron and His Constituents Tristin Munich Recreational Open Male
24958 Fresh for Everyone Ty Brownfield Recreational Open Male
24729 Blue Collar Speedsters Ty Sleutel Recreational Open Male
24222 Cereal Killers Tyler Emerson Recreational Open Male
26424 Strider Construction Tyler Irwin Competitive Mixed Male
24109 One Moore Time Val Heckrodt Family Male
27385 On Your Left Victoria Anderson Whatcom County Women Female
25917 Bellingham Cider Company Vincent Schumsky Corporate Male
26297 CGC TERRAPIN Wade Duey Recreational Open Male
27830 Broad Leaf Farm West Persons Recreational Open Male
19661 Wake & Baker William Franklin Recreational Mixed Male
21667 Gals and Gays William Holman Recreational Mixed Male
24516 Fruit Ninjas William Klemmer Recreational Mixed Male
27619 South County Fire L1828 Zach Cash Corporate Male
27572 Phillips 66 Bottom of the Barrel Zach Sayler Corporate Male
22354 The South Spoon Whiners Zane Sexton Recreational Open Male
27422 Boats n Snows Zephyr Zink Recreational Open Male
24513 Nacho Average Team Zoie Baer Recreational Women Female